Trade business貿易事業

凌芸舎の商社部門として、雑貨、食品、機械製品などの輸出入を行っております。 ブラジルや東南アジア地区をメインとして、クライアント様に変わり、サンプル販売や、輸出業務の引き受け、必要書類の代行申請などをワンストップで実施いたします。

As a trading division of Ryogeisya Inc, we import and export miscellaneous goods, foods, machinery products, etc. With a focus on Brazil and Southeast Asia, we provide one-stop services such as sample sales, undertaking export operations, and applying for necessary documents on behalf of clients.


  • 亀田製菓株式会社 KAMEDA SEIKA CO., LTD.

    • 輸出


    KAMEDA SEIKA delivers products that enrich both the “heart” and “body”, in people's daily lives. What is “Better For You”. Always accompanying "Happiness".
    Kameda Seika's rice crackers are all products that are loved by many people in Japan.
    If you are interested in importing rice crackers from Kameda Seika, please feel free to contact us.
  • フレスコボール カリオカ FRESCOBOL CARIOCA

    • 輸入

    ブラジルのアパレルメーカーFRECOBOL CARIOCAのビーチラケット、アパレル各種製品の輸入および、卸売をしております。

    Living like a Carioca goes beyond great clothes. We bring you a space to share in our edit of stories that aim to transport you to Rio. From conversations with our favourite tastemakers to guides to the best of Brazil, and everything in-between…
  • その他、国産お菓子、電化製品など(Coming Soon)